Morgan Weber

Morgan Weber

LuckyPup Adventures and Memory Flame Candles


Morgan Weber is the founder & owner of Lucky Pup Adventures in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After her previous career left her burnt out and unsatisfied, Morgan has spent the last 10 years growing their pet care business and was chosen as the PSI 2022 Pet Sitter of The Year. Morgan wants to embolden other Pet Professionals to lead full, happy lives by building successful businesses that serve them, their team, and their clients. When she isn’t working, she is trying to live life more like the pets she cares for: with joy, enthusiasm, and time for her favorite things.

Doing Less for More: The Importance of Rest, Relaxation, and Hobbies in Long Term Business Success

Most business owners do not quit because of financial strain or lack of clients. Instead it is because of unchecked burnout: “I’m working too damn hard for too damn little.” Learn to prioritize strategic breaks and boundaries around personal time to invest in the long-term health, progress, and success of your small business, all while still serving your clients with excellence.