Kira Colon

Kira Colon

Kira Colon



Kira Colon is the Human Resources & Operations Director at MAVENTRI, a dynamic digital firm that supports and enhances small to mid-sized companies with their Bookkeeping, Marketing, and HR+Payroll needs. With 15 years of Human Resources experience, Kira consultants with small businesses who are looking for a partner who is passionate about their success. As the principle consultant for owner-operators, she helps navigate all aspects of being an employer; from handbooks, compliance, payroll & other HR technology, and all the many issues encountered when you employ others. Since becoming an independent consultant, Kira has helped hundreds of small businesses including those in the pet services industry.

She is on a mission to build compliant, streamlined, and technology forward HR & Payroll departments for small businesses!

Kira currently lives in the Horizon West area of Central Florida, with her husband, two children, and cat Darby. She enjoys reading, lots of family time, and Darby’s endless meowing and cuddles.

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