Joe Latona

Joe Latona

Joe Latona



Joe is a motivated and dedicated HR professional, dog walking since 2008 and hiring staff since 2010. He has built award-winning dog walking teams in Chicago and has hired pet care professionals across the United States. Joe has a deep understanding of the pet care industry. For Joe, the only thing better than walking a dog is improving and growing dog-walking teams. Before starting WalkerScout, his most significant career accomplishment occurred in 2018 when the team he built in Chicago performed over 60,000 individual dog walks.

Before starting WalkerScout, Joe worked for a nationwide information technology business specializing in technical support and customer service. Working independently and remotely, Joe learned to communicate across the country with clients as he solved their problems. He is prepared to work with you and your candidates regardless of distance.

WalkerScout was inspired by Joe’s time with an RPO in the airline industry and his success and passion for working as a hiring manager at Windy City Dog Walkers in Chicago. Joe saw the opportunity to better serve the pet care industry by creating the first national dog-walking RPO. In 2019, Joe began hiring for growing businesses in Illinois, California, Washington, and New York.

Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Maggie, and daughter Eloise in his spare time. He is learning to garden and finding his golf swing. His cats, Miss Kitty & Seamus, are always happy to sit on his lap as he reviews applications. They are still making their minds up about the dogs, Fannie & Beatrix.

The Ghostbusters: A Lesson In Recruiting
This workshop will highlight what a small business like the Ghostbusters did right and wrong in terms of recruiting, delegation and team building. We will ask business owners which Ghostbuster they are and why. Finally, we will have attendees apply to each other’s businesses from mobile devices.