Janie Budnick

Janie Budnick

PetBizMBA and PetSitterGuru


Janie Budnick founded 4-Legged Kids, Inc in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1997 after nearly a decade of animal education including pursuing her Bachelor’s in Animal Science at Mizzou and veterinary technician training. 4-Legged Kids provides dog walking and pet sitting services as St. Louis’ largest staffed in-home pet care service. 4-Legged Kids exists to maintain and support the connection between pets and people because Life With Pets is Life Well Lived ™. The Company’s mission combines love for the amazing pets and families of St Louis with the social responsibility necessary to provide for those homeless animals not as fortunate. Their One-for One business model provides a meal to a local homeless pet for every service provided. Janie has spent the last two decades working directly with local rescue, from personally pulling dogs and puppies from death row and preparing them for fosters, to serving on the governing board of Open Door Animal Sanctuary, the largest no-kill shelter in the State of Missouri. She is also mama to four cats and four “2-legged kids”.

Her expertise in the industry has led her to develop online education and strategic business planning through the PetBizHIVE podcast and Facebook group and the PetBizMBA™ Membership. She is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International, was the first veterinary Fear Free Certified in-home caregiver in Missouri, and is the first in-home provider in the world to receive the Certified Professional Animal Care Operator designation through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council, the only third party independent testing and certification for the pet care services industry. She also serves on their governing board and her mission is the standardization and professionalism of the in-home pet care industry.

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