2023 Schedule
(2024 Coming Soon!)

DAY 1 (FRIDAY) : 25th AUGUST 2023
Social Hours Movie + Drink at the Floridays Resort Pool  


OPTIONAL: Early Check In 2nd Floor Conference Room

Floridays Resort Orlando



Networking Meet up + Poolside Movie + Drinks ($$)

Floridays Resort Orlando
DAY 2 (SATURDAY) : 26th AUGUST 2023
Welcome + Intros for ALL

10-1130: Finance


Doug Keeling – Doug the Dog Guy & Bad to the Bone Pet Care

Working Backwards
How to set prices using data and knowledge instead of comparisons and emotions. We will work backwards from your goal revenue to build a business that is sustainable and profitable!

Janie Budnick – PetBiz Hive
Accounting nuts + bolts
florida orange dog paw icon

1130-1pm: Branding + Marketing


Jasmine Decelle – Logo, Font, Colors

How to Make a Paw-some Brand
This guided training works on three pillars: brand must-haves, brand messaging, and brand building. We go over what you should have for your visual identity, how to earn the trust of potential clients or customers, and how to build your brand to withstand its slower seasons. You can expect to walk away with an understanding of baseline protocols to run your brand consistently, insider information that puts the power of your brand in your own hands and the connection to have a branding bestie in your corner.

Jasmine Decelle

Skarlet Rockwood – FURSOCIAL

How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients Using Instagram
How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients Using Instagram with the expert herself, Skarlet Rockwood. With her extensive experience in creating customized campaigns that bring audience growth for pet brands, you won’t want to miss this.

Skarlet Rockwood



2-330: Staffing + Scheduling



Joe Latona – WalkerScout:

The Ghostbusters: A Lesson In Recruiting.
This workshop will highlight what a small business like the Ghostbusters did right and wrong in terms of recruiting, delegation and team building. We will ask business owners which Ghostbuster they are and why. Finally, we will have attendees apply to each other’s businesses from mobile devices.

Joe Latona
Kira Colon – HR

HR for Small Business: Handbooks, Worker Classification, Employee Management & Compliance
HR is for small business too! Learn how to protect your business with HR compliance at FPSS 2023. Taking care of your employees is taking of your business – Discover ways to build your internal HR department at this interactive workshop

Kira Colon

330-5: In It For the Long Haul


Morgan Weber – LuckyPup Adventures

Doing Less for More: The Importance of Rest, Relaxation, and Hobbies in Long Term Business Success
Most business owners do not quit because of financial strain or lack of clients. Instead it is because of unchecked burnout: “I’m working too damn hard for too damn little.” Learn to prioritize strategic breaks and boundaries around personal time to invest in the long-term health, progress, and success of your small business, all while still serving your clients with excellence.


Dr Donita McCants – Mobile Vet

Let’s Help Your Pet Business Work For You: Leveraging technology to improve time management for your business and life!
Social media post wording: Dr. Donita McCants is excited to teach Pet Business owners how technology can be used to improve their time management for their overall lives and business. This session is geared to those that are exhausted, overworked, and need solutions to improve their overall quality of life!

Dr. Donita McCants
DAY 3 (SUNDAY) : 27th AUGUST 2023

10-1130: Professionalism + Growth



Katie Casell

Professionalism + Ethics in Pet Care

Photo Briscoe and Katie

Amber Van Denzen


DRIVING Revenue in your Pet Care Business
Lets talk about adding Mobile Pet Services to your business- or adding more! From At Home Nail Trims, Pet Sitting + Dog Walking, Mobile Dog Gym Treadmills, Grooming and at Home Veterinary Tech Checks- they all have their regulations and extra needs. But can they add more Diversity to your Business Income Flow?Yes! Walk away with financial breakdowns to adding these services, and next steps!

Amber Atta Boy Speaker

1130-1: Client Relations/Client Experience



Heidi Lewis Pracko – Building Community

Building Local Relationships
Have you ever wondered how you can get more involved in your local community and how this could benefit your pet business? Heidi Lewis-Pracko, owner of Heidi & Hope Pet Services in Naples, Florida, will talk about the importance of giving back to your local area, strengthening current local business relationships, and creating new ones. She will present how these 3 points can help you get more involved in your community, gain more clients, and make you a local guide and resource in your area. Heidi will also share how she did this within her own Naples community.

Lauri Partanio

Mastering Client Communication
As a small business owner with big business goals, you’ll need to know what to say, how to say it, and which mediums to choose. Mastering client communication helps pet based businesses develop trust with their clients, articulate needs, expectations and any challenges. Join Lauri Partanio, Owner of Professional Pets Florida, as she dives into mastering effective client communication for successful retention, growth, and maximizing profitability in your pet based business.


1-2 LUNCH + Learn



Kaila Piepkow – Dox Design

Canva Confidence 101
Canva is one of the most important platforms to have as part of your process as an entrepreneur—but only if you feel confident using all of its tools and functionality! Canva and Design Expert Kaila Piepkow, Owner, Founder & Creative Director of Dox Design, is giving you the ultimate crash course in Canva so you can walk away after just 30 minutes feeling more confident and capable creating DIY designs for your brand.During this 30-minute session, Kaila will show you:

  • A high-level overview of the Canva software
  • How to efficiently use and navigate the tool bar
  • The beauty behind the Canva Brand Kit, including why you need it, how to create yours, and how to use it
  • How to create Canva templates with your brand standards and use them effectively
  • Her favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to feel like Canva pro!

1-230: Pet- Decreasing Stress + Increasing Safety


Menoka Damaren

How to Help the Anxious Dog

Menoka Damaren​

Savanna Westwood

Peaceful Pet Music
Savanna Westwood

330-4:15 Diversify your Business



Dr Ivory Council

Ecological Impacts of Pet Waste Management – Serving the Environment While You Serve Your Clients
Pets poop! It’s only natural! So why do most municipalities have pet waste disposal laws? And why cleaning up after pets so important? These topics, and more, will be discussed by Dr. Ivory S. Council, Environmental Chemist, during the 1st Annual Florida Pet Services Summit. Come check it out – We promise that it won’t stink! 😉

Dr. Ivory Council

4:15-5pm: Power of Networking





Speed Networking hosted by Oliver Dixon

A fun Speed Dating Style Event to Meet Everyone at the Conference that you may have or have not gotten to yet!